Android Update: Choosing a Punctual Train

Tonight we've released a new update for Fasteroute for Android (an iOS update is in the works and will be released soon) which lands the beginnings of an exciting new feature. In the picture above, you might notice something a bit different about that departure board - the green, yellow and red bars next to the train are telling you, based on the last few months of history, how well that train runs to timetable. Green means it's generally on time, yellow means it's often a bit delayed, and red means it's got a reputation for long delays and cancellations. »

Fasteroute for Android Update

This week we released the first substantial update for Fasteroute for Android since our initial launch (version 0.0.18). Most of the changes were behind the scenes, fixing some bugs which had caused problems for a few users in the first version, as well as making departure boards load a little bit faster (particularly noticeable when you are on the move with a poor internet connection). There are three very visible changes though: First, by popular demand, we added a special icon for the Javelin Train, which you can see in the picture below. Second, based on another common »