Fasteroute for Android Update

This week we released the first substantial update for Fasteroute for Android since our initial launch (version 0.0.18). Most of the changes were behind the scenes, fixing some bugs which had caused problems for a few users in the first version, as well as making departure boards load a little bit faster (particularly noticeable when you are on the move with a poor internet connection).

There are three very visible changes though:

First, by popular demand, we added a special icon for the Javelin Train, which you can see in the picture below.

Departure Board showing Javelin Train

Second, based on another common request we've received since launching, we added the platform number (when applicable) to the service details screen, so you don't have to go back to the departure board screen to see it, as in the picture below.

Service Details closeup showing platform numbers

Finally we've made it possible to reorder your favourites list. Just long-press on an entry and drag it to where you want it to change the order.

That's all for this release. We're hard at work on the next release now (which is going to be a lot bigger than this one). If you're an iOS user, we'll be bringing you a new update soon too.